10 Things to do Before Starting a Blog FREE Mini Course

10 Things to do Before You Start a Blog – FREE Mini Course

Things to do before you start a blog FREE mini couse

Not long ago I created a blog post named: 10 Things to do BEFORE you start a blog

That post is an attempt to help everyone that is thinking about starting a blog… And although many people enjoy reading, for some is easier to process information if they hear it. Also, it feels quite different when I’m just talking and giving advice like I would to any f my friends, vs. writing and editing my words before I publish a post.

So, for all of you who would prefer to listen to these 10 things that need to be done before you start a blog, I created this introductory Free Mini Course in video format.

The ideas are the same behind the post that is already published, but the way I present these ideas to you are slightly different, because I choose to talk to you as I would if any of my friends were to ask me for advice if they were planning on starting a blog, while on the post I try to write in a more professional manner and a little less casual.

I hope you find this mini course useful and helps you in developing the blog you have in mind.

Also, if you go to the post: 10 Things to do BEFORE you start a blog, you will find a free checklist at the bottom of the post.

And once you’re ready to start your blog, go to this step by step tutorial to get your WordPress blog up and running: How to Start a Blog in 15 Min or Less


10 Things to do Before You Start a Blog – FREE Mini Course



Let me know what you would like to see next, or what you think about this Mini Course in particular by leaving a comment below.

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