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About Me:

My name is Mary,  and I’m a mom of 3, wife, photographer, bookworm, blogger, and author of the book “writing crochet patterns“, currently living in Alaska near the Anchorage area.

I am a crochet/knitting pattern designer and creator that enjoys DIY projects and experimenting with recipes.

Member of the Knit Picks Independent Designer, and Knit Picks Designer Team.

You will find patterns, reviews, DIY/crafts, recipes and more between the CraftyTuts blog’s pages.

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Book: Writing Crochet Patterns

Magazine Publications:

I Like Knitting: Sea Salt Shawl (May/June 2018 Issue)

I Like Crochet: Star Of Something New Sweater (July/August 2018 Issue)

I Like Crochet: Red Delicious Ruana (September/OCtober 2o18 Issue)

Yarn Companies I Worked With:

Knit Picks: Mary Dickerson’s Designs

Darn Good YarnDIY Boho Earrings (March 2018)

Knit Picks: Oceanic Breeze Shawlette (May 2018)

Featured in the following blogs:

Stitch JunkyMandala Hat (December 2017)

Salty Pearl CrochetMary D. of CraftyTuts Crochet Designer Feature (March 2018)

Knit CrateEklutna Lakeside Shawl (August 2019 box)

Find more here: PRESS

Craftytuts Expert Writers:

Hi there, my name is Paula, I’m an illustrator and art enthusiast. I love the peace that comes with creating art, and will try my best to share that feeling and knowledge with you.

I also love pets, sightseeing, candy, and books. I dream of traveling the world, drawing and writing, and learning new things.

I hope that my articles may start you on the ever challenging path of art and self improvement.

Hello, my name is Martin. I’m 40 years old and I’m a nostalgic dude who likes to make art.

I’m a 3D artist and illustrator, but I love all kinds of mediums were I can express myself; such as painting, drawing, writing and comic books. (I’m legally forbidden to sing, as it brings memories of medieval torture to my audience).

Join me in the wonderful journey through the world of comic books as my articles will help you not only understand but will also teach you how to make your own!

More about Martin:

Instagram: Instragram.com/saturday_morning_renders/

Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/vadlor

Bloggers: Are you seeking designs for your upcoming roundup? I’d love for you to feature my work! You have my permission to use one photo in your roundup post as long as a link is provided back to www.craftytuts.com to the associated pattern or tutorial page.Please do not re-print or post any tutorials or patterns in full or claim the photos as your own. Let me know when your post is published so I can share it on my social media, too. Thank you!

If you wish to work together just contact me using any of the alternatives below.

Contact Info:

Email: mary-dickerson@ outlook.com

Pinterest: @brujitamary

Facebook: facebook.com/craftytut

Instagram: Craftytuts

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