Basic Crochet Top Tutorial: A basic pattern that any beginner can make.

Please note that this is the tutorial for the pattern, you can find the free pattern here: Basic Crochet Top Free Pattern , or if you prefer printable PDF, you can purchase a copy for only $2.75 here: Basic Crochet Top Pattern  (The PDF pattern, includes schematics and this photo tutorial)

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I wanted to create something special for Spring and Summer, so for this design I decided to use a cotton yarn, that won’t be too warm or itchy.

But because is such a simple top, you could really use it all year. You might need to pair it with a nice jacket for fall and winter, but that’s true with any blouse or top.

I decided to try the Lion Brand Cotton Bamboo yarn, and is just what I needed for a Spring project!

It took a little bit of adjustment, because it feels different on the fingers while working, but after some rows, it was just like crocheting any other project.

And the final fabric is a dream!!

Is not hot at all, just what I wanted for spring and summer. And has just enough stretch that you can fit into your top without struggle. You read it right, it has stretch, even if is crochet!!

Anyways, let’s get started with the tutorial, and don’t forget that this tutorial is a companion for the free pattern you can find here: Basic Crochet Top Free Pattern


  • First you will find the photo tutorial, but after that you can also fin the video tutorial, so use what’s best for you!

Basic Crochet Top Photo Tutorial

This pattern is shaped by joined rectangles. And only uses chain stitches and double crochet stitches, so this is the perfect beginner project for anyone that is new or a bit scared to crochet their very first top (or blouse, call it what you wish )

The first part is really straight forward, you crochet the amount of chain stitches called on the pattern for the size you want, and you proceed to crochet double crochet in each row, until you finish row number 27, and this is for all sizes.

Note: you can easily adapt this pattern to make it shorter or longer, by adding or subtracting rows. Is just double crochet rows, so it won’t be hard at all, just remember to note how many extra rows you add, or how many rows you subtract, so you can repeat it for the back side.


Now you need to fasten off, and turn.

Skip the first 8 stitches, and join your yarn on the 9th stitch.

Do a ch3 on that 9th stitch, and continue with double crochets, to the last 8 stitches at the end of the row.

To keep this section mirrored, you will skip those final 8 stitches (they will remain un-worked), and ch3 from there to start working on the next row.

This step, and amount of stitches skipped, is the same for all sizes. But if you feel that the armhole will be too big, skip 7 stitches instead of 8. On the other hand, if you would like extra room, skip 9 or 10 stitches (on both sides) instead of 8.

Keep working as many rows as the pattern calls for the size you are making. The smaller size will need less rows, and each size above needs a few extra rows to make the armhole wide enough.

You can refer to the pattern here:Basic Crochet Top Free Pattern

And fasten off again, and then turn.


Skip the amount of stitches the pattern calls for your size. (4 st, 8 st, etc), and join your yarn on the very next stitch.

Continue working in double crochet, and leave the same amount of skipped stitches, un-worked at the end, and then turn.

Work until you finish 12 rows, to create the turtle neck.

Repeat instructions from start to finish, to create your back piece.

Wet block both pieces.

And finally sew sides together.


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Basic Crochet Top Video Tutorial

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