Basic Knit Top Tutorial

Basic Knit Top Tutorial: This is a photo and video tutorial that will show you how to make the Basic Knit Top Pattern.

If you can make a garter stitch scarf or dish cloth, you can make this top!
Really! The only techniques you need to know are:

As always, you can find the free pattern below (just keep scrolling down), or if you want to get a printable PDF, you can purchase a copy for only $2.75 here:Basic Knit Top Pattern(The PDF includes the written pattern, schematics and a photo tutorial)

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I wanted to create something special for Spring and Summer, so for this design I decided to use a cotton yarn, that won’t be too warm or itchy.

But since is such a simple top, you could really use it all year. You might need to pair it with a nice jacket for fall and winter, but that’s true with any blouse or top.

I decided to try the Lion Brand Cotton Bamboo yarn, and is just what I needed for a Spring project!

It took a little bit of adjustment, because it feels different on the fingers while working, but after some rows, it was just like crocheting any other project.

And the final fabric is a dream!!

Basic Knit Top Photo Tutorial

This pattern is shaped by joined rectangles. And only uses knit stitches, so this is the perfect beginner project for anyone that is new or a bit scared to knit their very first top (or blouse, call it what you wish )

The first part is really straight forward, you cast on the amount of stitches called on the pattern for the size you want, and you proceed to knit in each row, until you finish row number 96.


BO 9 sts. Knit to end.

BO 9 sts, Knit to end. (you should have a piece with 9 sts bound off in each side.

Knit every row for the amount of rows called in pattern for your size. Refer to the pattern here: Basic Knit Top Pattern


BO the amount of stitches called in the pattern for the size you’re making. Refer to the pattern here: Basic Knit Top Pattern

Knit to end. And repeat for the opposite side.

Knit every row for 40 rows. BO.

Repeat instructions from beginning and make an exact piece for the back.

Wet block both pieces, then sew edges.


Basic Knit Top Video Tutorial


Happy Knitting!

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