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4th of July Food

4th of July Food Are you looking for some inspiration and recipes to create some patriotic inspired food for your 4th of July Party? Do you need some visual help to decide what to make? Let's check some of the most delicious and

Indoor Oven-made Smores

Indoor Oven-made Smores. How to make indoor smores, for when you can't go outside but still want to enjoy this summer treat. (enjoy them during winter too)

Indoor Oven-made Smores   MMMMM... smores... Yummy gooey summer treat! I really like traditional smores, besides the deliciousness of graham crackers, chocolate and toasted marshmallows, the whole experience of making your smores by the fire is very pleasant and fun! But, just as many

Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

We are just a few days away from Valentine's Day.. If you want to have something planed and ready, now is the moment to start! I love sweets and I already know I want to make a dessert for valentine's day, but

Thanksgiving sides – All about Sweet Potatoes

Thanksgiving sides - All about Sweet Potatoes Thanksgiving side dishes recipes, all of them featuring Sweet Potatoes. Classic and modern recipes for side dishes for Thanksgiving. Sweet Potatoes are a classic and between the favorite ingredients used on many Thanksgiving dinners. Many have grown

Best Frozen Breakfast Meals

This morning I was having a frozen croissant sandwich for breakfast. Sometimes I have a couple in the freezer for those mornings that I wake up with no energy at all and prefer to grab something quick instead of cooking. But