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The Wavy Edge Cowl Knitting Pattern

Wavy Edge Cowl Knitting Pattern Buy The Wavy Edge Cowl Knitting Pattern: Ravelry Store: Wavy Edge Cowl CraftyTuts Store: Wavy Edge Cowl Etsy: Wavy Edge Cowl   Follow this pattern to create a lovely wavy edge cowl, to keep you warm and cozy during winter. Designed to be paired with

Hooded Scarf Free Knitting Pattern (hoodie scarf)

Hooded Scarf Free Knitting Pattern. Great knitting project to stay warm during the winter months to come. Hoodie scarf knitting project.

Hello knitters! Time for another knitting project: Hooded Scarf Free Knitting Pattern r *Disclosure Not long ago, I shared a post telling you about CraftyKittenYarns: Indie Yarn Dyer Spotlight: Crafty Kitten Yarn I mentioned I was going to create a pattern to go with the glacier yarn,