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Best Headbands to Sew

Best Headbands to Sew. Compilation of the best headbands to sew, free tutorials and free patterns that will show you how to sew headbands

This post is a compilation of the best headbands to sew that I found online. If you came across with great headbands to sew and they're not listed here, please share it in the comments! Looking for patterns, inspiration or tutorials to

11 Thanksgiving Sewing Projects

Hello Crafters! In this post, I want to share some fantasticĀ Thanksgiving Sewing Projects. I love sewing, but I am not so great with creating my own pattern. I know is kinda funny, since I create crochet and knitting patterns. But, for some

14 DIY T-Shirt Scarves

14 DIY T-Shirt Scarves Do you have some old t-shirts that you already stopped using? Would you like to re-purpose your old t-shirts somehow but you're not sure how? or maybe you already know that you want to make a scarf from your