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DIY How to fix a stuffed toy

Hello again fellow crafter!! I'm back with a quick and easy video tutorial that will show you how to hand sew and fix a stuffed toy (stuffed animal or teddy bear, fluffy toy, or any way you prefer to call it).  

DIY Infinity Scarf

Today I wanted to share a quick tutorial on how to create an Infinity Scarf. Is really quick and easy, I promise. I am just a beginner, so I don't do anything complicated just yet. For this project you can use almost

Free Baby Booties Sewing Patterns

Free Baby Booties Sewing Patterns This is a little compilation of free baby booties sewing patterns that I found on the web. Baby booties are just adorable gifts, that you can make with very little fabric. Maybe even get to use that stash

Recycle onesies

Recycle Onesies or tank tops into baby dresses. This sewing project is really easy and also quick, you can be done in one hour or less. Is a way to recycle any old onesie that has become too short but still