DIY Crochet Earring Display

DIY Crochet Earring Display 1

Hello, dear reader!! 😀

It’s crochet time!! and a very easy beginner’s project as well. In this DIY tutorial, I will share you a simple idea for an earring display.

Video tutorial that shows how to make an easy DIY Crochet Earring Display. It's made only using the chain and single crochet stitches. Begginers proje

To make this easy crochet earring display, you will only need:

  • Yarn or crochet thread
  • A crochet hook (needed in most crochet projects :P)
  • A  clothes hanger (optional)

The crochet stitches used are:

It doesn’t get easier than this… Any beginner will be able to complete this project in no time since it only uses the 2 most simple stitches and the very basic ones. If you’re only starting to crochet and don’t yet know and a handful of stitches, this project is for you, as I am sure everyone masters the chain stitch and single crochet stitch pretty quickly.

Basically by crocheting a small square or even a rectangle if you need something bigger, you can create this practical display for your earrings.

So, grab your yarn, crochet hook and just watch this video:

DIY Crochet Earring Display




DIY Crochet Earring Display 2

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