DIY How to fix a stuffed toy

Hello again fellow crafter!!

I’m back with a quick and easy video tutorial that will show you how to hand sew and fix a stuffed toy (stuffed animal or teddy bear, fluffy toy, or any way you prefer to call it).

DIY How to fix a stuffed toy or teddy bear. this step by step video will show you how to fix a hole in a stuffed animal or teddy bear. Hand sew & fix it.


  • Do you have an old friend that needs a small repair?
  • A childhood teddy that needs a touch up?
  • Maybe your kid’s teddy bear and best friend got a small “toy injury” and you would like to fix it but you have no idea how?

Don’t worry… Help is on the way with this video tutorial:

Is very simple really, and you will only need needle and thread. You don’t even need a sewing machine, anything fancy or expensive, and if you’re not good sewing, don’t worry, that is why this is a video tutorial, so you can watch, learn and copy. I show you the steps very slowly so you can easily follow up. Also, you can pause at any time, rewind and repeat if necessary. Don’t let this little thing intimidate you, and get that stuffed toy fixed!

I just wanted to provide an easy visual reference for all those who don’t feel comfortable hand sewing.

So, grab your teddy bear, get the needle and thread ready, and follow this easy tutorial. Your toy friend (or your kid’s) will be fixed in almost no time.

Note: In the tutorial I am using white thread, is just to make it easier for you to see and follow the steps, but is always best and recommended if you can use matching thread to make it less noticeable.

DIY How to fix a stuffed toy


I hope this tutorial is useful for you and helps you save the life of your precious teddy bear, or other fluffy toy…

-Best wishes!



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