Father’s Day Free Printable

Father's Day Free Printable 1

Father’s Day Free Printable

Fathers day free printable

That time of the year when we celebrate Fathers is just around the corner! And in Honor of the date and all fathers I made a special little printable for Father’s Day.

To help you create a DIY Father’s Day Card that you or your kids can fill up for daddy, and make Father’s day even more special!

The printable is a short questionnaire that tells daddy all about your kid’s favorites about him!
What could be more special than telling daddy all your favorites about him and why he is loved and appreciated.

Have fun and make it a tradition, and fill it up every year, so daddy can see how the answers change as the kids grow up, and collects new memories with each questionnaire!

You can frame this little card, make a Father’s Day Scrapbook with every year’s cards, pictures and more.

About This Father’s Day Printable:

  • The format is in letter size (8.5 in x 11 in)
  • Any regular printer will get the job done.
  • I recommend using stock paper, or frame it after is done, so you can preserve it.
  • You can also get it professionally printed.Well, enough blah blah from my part… Just click download, print it, and make daddy happy!

Father's day free printable

Download your Father’s Day Free Printable: Here

Father's Day Free Printable 2

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