The Absolute Beginner’s Guide–Learn By Doing
Step-by-Step Basics + Projects

by Tammy Powley


With the expert guidance of jewelry-making expert Tammy Powley in First Time Jewelry Making, your goal is within reach.

The detailed descriptions of materials and easy step-by-step instructions for a variety of techniques will have you making earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more in no time. The book guides you through the basics for a variety of jewelry mediums and methods, from bead stringing and wire-work to chain making, metalwork, resin, and more. Simple projects like the Red Rhapsody Beaded Chain Bracelet, the Silver Metal Clay Link Earrings, and the Japanese Paper Ladybug Resin Pendant introduce you to skills you’ll use often as you continue to learn about and explore jewelry making.

With First Time Jewelry Making, you’ll soon be creating your own amazing jewelry designs with confidence.

First time Jewelry Making is a very comprehensive beginner’s guide with all you need to know to get started on the jewelry making craft. Tools needed, techniques, and even step by step tutorials on lovely tutorials to make bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

I am familiar with a few of the techniques, as I already dabbled in jewelry making, but so far I have only made a couple of necklaces and a hand-full of earrings. So I am very exited to extend my knowledge of this very rewarding craft.

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First time Jewelry Making Content

The content is very extensive, and includes Basics, Bead Stringing, Wirework, Chain Making, Fabricating Metal, Metal Clay, and Resin. All of them with sub-sections full of information and photos to go along the tutorials and instructions.

Each of these sections will walk you thru skills and techniques on that specific section, culminating on a project where you can use the techniques just learned.

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First Time Jewelry Making Tools

I leaned so much about jewelry making tools. I know which ones I need and want to buy, and which ones I won’t be playing with because they go beyond my interest as a jewelry maker hobbyist. I love this craft, but I am not looking to be a professional maker.

The abundance of photos included in this book as reference or as part of the step by step tutorials for the jewelry making part is impressive and very extensive. I find is always better to have more than you need when it comes to reference, than not enough and feeling lost in the process and not being able to finish a project for lack of guidance. (in other words, I am very happy with the amount of photos displayed in the book).

First Time Jewelry Making Projects

All the projects are beautiful, beginner friendly (as the book announces), and are made with the techniques that the book teaches.

So all you need to get started is to read the materials and tools sections of the project and get your supplies ready!

The eight projects are:

  • A knotted Bracelet
  • A multi stranded necklace
  • Crystal earrings
  • A two-tone bracelet
  • A double chained bracelet
  • A heart pendant
  • Silver link and crystal earrings
  • A Japanese lady bug pendant

My personal favorite is the Multi Stranded Necklace. Is a very modest necklace, but very beautiful. I can see myself not only making this necklace, but also wearing it with different outfits. Maybe even make the same design but with different colors and different kinds of beads.

If you ever wanted to get started in jewelry making but you’re the kind of person that prefers a guide to walk you thru the process, this is a great beginner’s guide that can help you start making different kinds of jewelry.

I hope you enjoyed this book review of: First Time Jewelry Making – The Absolute Beginner’s Guide–Learn By Doing * Step-by-Step Basics + Projects

Happy crafting!

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