In today’s post I want to share with you a Furls Crochet Odyssey hook review.

Before I start, I just want to mention that I bought the hook myself, and this is NOT a sponsored post.
I  will always give you my honest opinion, regardless if a post is sponsored or not.
But because I know that some people don’t fully trust a review that has been sponsored, and for that reason only I am specifying this before starting.

Everything said is my own opinion.

 Furls Crochet Odyssey hook review

Furls Crochet Odyssey hook review

Furls Crochet has different hooks collections, but the one I am reviewing is part of their Odyssey collection.

You can find the collection here: Furls Crochet Odyssey hook review

Currently they have their Odyssey hooks in 5 colors: Black, red, purple, pink and rose gold.
I bought the Rose Gold edition which retails at $66 per hook.
But other colors retail at different prices. Their black hooks retail at $30, the purple at $33, the red at $60, and finally we have the rose gold and the pink both at $66.

I am not completely sure why that great variance in price just by colors, almost or more than double the price for the pink and rose, over the black and red.

I couldn’t find a official explanation on the site over this.
Looking at all hooks in the Odyssey collection, you can see that the black, red and purple hook’s tips are coated with nickel, while the pink is coated with 14K gold.

Nothing is said of the rose gold one, but if you compare it with the pink, you can see that they are so similar that it might be the same coating. So I am assuming that is also coated with 14k gold, and this is the reason for the price difference.

The line offers sizes B to P (2.25 mm to 10.00 mm)

I bought the size E ( 3.5 mm). And tested it making a couple of swatches in different stitches.
I compared it with other crochet hooks of the same size.
I used a classic crochet hook, the kind that is available everywhere, even at Walmart!
And I compared it to a simple ergonomic hook, the kind that has rubber around the handle.

Furls Crochet Odyssey hook review. Including video review comparing it to other hooks of the same size. See the hook in action with this video review!

Furls Crochet Odyssey hook review UPDATE:

At the time of recording the review I though that the sticker that tells you the size of the hook was under a clear coat of paint.

The sticker edges where so fine that they blended so well, and I couldn’t feel them. They were also bright and glossy, so this made me thing that a coat of clear pain or varnish like the one I use for my clay charms.

Turns out the sticker is not covered, and with further use, the border is now wearing off, and revealing that in fact, is not protected by any kind of cover, and could fall at any time.

This is not a problem of me, because I only own one Furls Crochet Odyssey hook. So, I know that the only one I own is my E size.

But if I were to buy more, or if you want to buy more than one, this could be a problem, as you won’t know what size your hook is, if the sticker falls.

For some of you this might still not represent a real problem. But since I am a pattern designer I need to know the exact size of hook I am using so I can list it on my patterns.
But someone else following a pattern just needs to make sure to obtain gauge, and the actual hook size is not that important.

A way around this problem, could be to buy different sizes in different colors. But I know most people prefer to have their collection in one set of colors.

Whatever you choose to do, I just want to tell you the whole story and deliver all the information so you can make your own decision based on this review and others.


Watch the Furls Crochet Odyssey hook review video!



Happy Crocheting!


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