Hand Sewing Magic:
Essential Know-How for Hand Stitching-10 Easy, Creative Projects *Master Tension and Other Techniques * With Pro Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting by Lynn Krawczyk

Hand sewing magic indeed!
This book is essential to any beginner or even intermediate sewer. I only know the very basics of hand sewing, enough to mend socks, pant reaps, or add buttons. In other words, I am the newest of newbies when it comes to hand sewing. And I immediately fell in love with this book just while browsing its contents.
Let me introduce you to what you can find inside;

Hand Sewing Magic Sections:

The Handstitchers Tool Kit
Utilitarian Stitches (3 projects)
Outline and Filler Stitches (2 projects)
Decorative Stitches (3 projects)
Dimentional Stitches (2 projects)
Templates and resources.
I just adore the step by step instructions and the photos that accompany each one of them. As a newbie, I’m always thinking that I’m doing something wrong, but with the photos, I can be sure that I’m actually going in the right direction. I’d also like to mention how nice is to have examples of variations you can create with the basic stitches from the book.
Hand Sewing Magic
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More finds in Hand Sewing Magic:

In Hand Sewing Magic, you will find a variety of stitches, utilitarian and decorative, that can be used in so many projects. You might want to experiment with one of the projects in this book, but you can also just create your own projects from your own ideas.
I was already familiar with the utilitarian stitches, but the whole section on filler stitches and decorative stitches are completely new to me. I practiced a few already, but I’m yet to make a full project.
The section on materials is brief and to the point. Just enough amount of info, without fluff.
Hand sewing is such a wonderful skill to have, and I’m so happy that I decided to check this book and expand my very limited knowledge in this area.
With so much detail presented in this book, I’m sure anyone will be able to learn from it.
The tiny hoops with embroidery are my favorite thing in the book. I am dying of excitement, planning a little wall gallery for my craft room.  I think it will be the perfect art gallery for a craft room and will add so much color, not to mention how fun it will be to make them!
Hand Sewing MagicImage via amazon.com
In conclusion, I think this is such an amazing book, a great resource, and potentially addictive. (Will be adding a rainbow of embroidery thread to my craft materials; not to mention the fabric and hoops).

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