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Meet the Crafter from Little Bitty Delights

Meet the Crafter from Little Bitty Delights

Little bitty delights stitch markers


I had the pleasure to interview Amanda Anson. She is the crafter behind Little Bitty Delights and the hands that creates the lovely handknitted items and handcrafted clay markers she sells on her shop.

Little bitty delights stitch markers

Amanda is the mother of two lovely toddlers (by the way, you might hear them during the interview if you listen carefully). As mentioned before, she creates cute little stitch markers made of clay.

There you will also find links to her different social media accounts, like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You will also find a link to her blog, where she shares what she is working on, book reviews, and other different topics.

In her etsy shop, you will find many handknitted items and the lovely stitch markers I mentioned.

Little bitty delights stitch markers

She likes to create themed stitch markers the most. As you can see in the image above. And she is currently working on a special offer for mystery stitch markers. (Listen to the interview to know more about them)

On the interview she gives us a brief introduction about her and her work, she talks a little about what it means for her to be a stay at home mom, artist and self-employed. (all at the same time! she got her hands full I can tell).

And of course, I ask her more about her upcoming mystery set!

Everything else you need to know will be told by Amanda herself. Just click play and listen to the interview!

Meet the Crafter from Little Bitty Delights


  • All the photos and images displayed above belong to Amanda Anson and are used in this blog with her permission and with the purpose of showing her work.




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