Fallen Leaves Shawl

brioche stitch shawl

For the longest time I wanted to create a Brioche Stitch project. I though about a simple cowl, but we have plenty of those, and I might still make my own version of a brioche cowl, but a shawl seemed a better choice. I love […]

Crescendo Shawl

Crescendo Shawl is an asymmetrical shawl, crocheted side to side in one piece featuring stripes that progressively grow in size after each color change. Crescendo is a musical term that indicates a gradual increase in volume. Just as this shawl gradual grows in size as […]

Cotton Candy Swirl Shawl

Cotton Candy Swirl Shawl: A knitting pattern pdf Buy it here: Ravelry: Cotton Candy Swirl Shawl The Cotton Candy Swirl is a symmetrical triangular shawl, knitted top down, using two colors and featuring short rows “swirls” to add interest and ornament to an almost traditional […]