Knitting for beginners Knit Stitch Tutorial

Knitting for beginners: Knit Stitch Tutorial

Knitting for beginners Knit Stitch Tutorial. Learn the knit stitch with this detailed and slow video tutorial. Visually learn.


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In today’s post, I share a video tutorial that shows how to make the knit stitch. Previously I shared how to cast on the knitting stitches, so if you still need some help with that, watch one of the previous tutorials.

Knitting has 2 basic stitches, and those are the knit stitch and the purl stitch, (How to Purl). After learning to cast on your stitches in the needle, once you learn these two stitches will allow you to finish so many knitting projects and creations. Even with only the knit stitch, you can start creating some basic items, like scarfs, hats & beanies, mittens, and other projects.

I suggest following easy patterns to begin, but with time and practice, you will be able to finish more complicated patterns that have a more complex combination of stitches, decreases or increases and other stitches, like knit two together, yarns overs and so on.

I also recommend working on flat needles first, before venturing in the world of projects made with circular needles. They are really easy to use, but could be slightly intimidating at first. But after a couple of finished knitting projects under your belt, you will be ready to dive in the circular knitting needle world of wonders.

Knitting for beginners: Knit Stitch Tutorial


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